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The Shrike saddle combines exciting new features with the best of earlier Aero Hunter ideas:

— A natural seat contour like the Kestrel.

— A pleat in the seat. Like the Flex, it can expand to fit you better than other saddle brands. Aero Hunter is the industry leader in hunter comfort, and Flex was the first hunting saddle with a pleat like this.

— Customizable suspension like the Merlin: thanks to the hitch attachment you can set the bridge higher or lower on the loops for the best angle of support for your comfort and hunting style.

— Adjustable webbing bridge like the Merlin, but even better: you can change your bridge length on the fly with one hand, thanks to the AustriAlpin adjuster buckle.

— A single row of molle loops like Merlin; it’s all you need for attaching accessories.

Available here at Eastern Woods Outdoors with the new Gorilla Mesh fabric option. See below for all the specs.

NOTE: This last batch from Aerohunter no longer contains the integrated lineman’s belt. These are no longer made, when these are gone they are gone. Limited stock.



— NEW fabric option—Gorilla Mesh: a tougher, more durable mesh that will outlast any other.

— NEW Integrated Lineman’s belt: NO LONGER INCLUDED

— NEW Size X: For kids and smaller adults, in addition to the standard adult sizes 1 and 2.

— NEW internal webbing frame: The fabric seat is sewn on the outside of the webbing structure. With the webbing frame next to your body, the saddle stays in position better without the need for suspenders. More of your saddle fabric is exposed for better concealment.

— NEW COMFORT: Floating leg strap buckles are lifted with bungee cord so they float over your thighs whether you’re walking, leaning or sitting. And the leg straps flow from the waist belt, another improvement in the overall suspension of the saddle.

— MORE NEW COMFORT: An additional band of wide webbing relieves the pressure of your body weight under your thighs.

— As always, Aero Hunter’s life-safety construction is founded on 38 years of experience building harnesses to professional standards for the tree care industry.

— Proudly made in Oregon, USA

Weight: 2 lbs

Breaking strength: 5000 lbs

Safe working load: 400 lbs

Suggested maximum load, for comfort: 350 lbs. Individual comfort experience may be higher or lower. Try your new saddle in a clean location at home to test for comfort. If it doesn’t suit you, and it’s in new condition, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.

Component Specifications

Belt structure: 1 3/4” nylon parachute webbing 6000 lbs

Belt buckle: ADF 1 3/4” Raptor buckle 4050 lbs

Webbing bridge: 1” nylon tubular webbing 4000 lbs

Belt component and leg straps: 1” nylon milspec flat webbing 5600 lbs

Bridge and Lineman’s Belt adjuster buckles: AustriAlpin frame buckles 4050 lbs

Leg strap buckles: ADF 1” Raptor buckles 4000 lbs

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Additional information

Weight N/A

Size X – Waist 20"-32", Size 1 – Waist 26"-36", Size 2 – Waist 37"-46"


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