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The BlueStar Hunting Kit allows you to prepare one or two 8 oz / 250 ml doses of blood tracking reagent according to the desired dilution. Every BlueStar Hunting Kit order includes: 1- SPRAY BOTTLE 2- TWO SET’S OF BlueStar Hunting Kit TABLETS (EACH SET WILL TRACK APPROXIMATELY 125 YARDS FOR A TOTAL OF UP TO 250 YARDS of blood tracking ability.)

The BlueStar Hunting Kit will work in the rain and allow color blind hunters see blood after darkness sets in.

The BlueStar Refill Kit contains 4 pairs of tablets wrapped in foil packet. One foil packet of tablets is sufficient to check your shot. For a search covering a 100 yard / meter distance, use the 4 foil packets diluted in 16 oz / 500 ml of water, or up to 32 oz / 1 liter. Save $5 each when you purchase 2 or more refill kits.

FYI – It is recommended to use windshield washer fluid instead of water when mixing. This prevents the solution from freezing.

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BlueStar Hunting Kit, BlueStar Refill Kit


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