Climbing Stick Bracket


Climbing stick bracket/offset for use with 1″ square tube to offset climbing stick away from the tree for foot placement. Sold individually and includes just the v-bracket, not the climbing stick or DoubleSteps shown in pictures. Includes mounting hardware.



V-Bracket for climbing sticks. Used at top and bottom to create a standoff between tree and climbing stick – requires two per stick (sold individually). Works with any 1″ square tube. Can be used as replacements or for DIY sticks. Allows nesting of sticks. These are meant to be used with sticks that have cam buckles, ropes, amsteel, or straps. They are not to be used with ratchet straps or platforms that use a cam-over action to tighten down. While these are plenty sturdy to stand up to that, they were not designed for that use. 

NOTE: Includes hardware for attaching v-bracket to the back and a DoubleStep to the front of a stick. You may need different hardware if you are using other steps.

Additional information

Weight 4.75 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .625 in

Non anodized, Anodized