DoubleStep Sewn-Aider Exchange



After receiving your aider, you may realize you over or under estimated your step distance. No worries, for the cost of shipping we will exchange or alter your aider accordingly. We will send you a USPS label to return your aider to us and we will send your replacement back via UPS. Depending on the size of your aider, condition, and availability of replacements – we will either exchange your aider, alter your aider, or send you a new replacement. If your aider is abused, damaged, or otherwise not able to be altered or exchanged – please select the option to sew a new aider. We will re-use your slotted DoubleStep and sew a brand new aider onto it.

Example 1: You ordered a 2-step 20″ aider and realize that a 2-step 16″ aider would be better. Just add this item to your cart and put in the Notes field that you want a 2-step 16″ aider. Cost is $20 and you simply use the link sent to you to print a label, pack up your item, and drop it in your mailbox.

Example 2: You ordered a 2-step 22″ aider and want to switch to a 3-step 16″ aider. Add this item to your cart, select 2-step to 3-step option and put in the notes field that you want a 3-step 16″ aider. Cost is $20 + $12 = $32.

Example 3: You forgot to take off your golf shoes before climbing on your brand new aider. Your 2-step aider is ruined and you need it replaced. Just add this item to your cart and select “Sew new aider” and select 2-step. Put in the notes the size you want your new aider to be, even if it is the same as before so we know and don’t have to contact you about it. Cost is $20 (shipping both ways) plus $22.50 for the new aider to be sewn on. 

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