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Just what you need to get out there and “put some DIRT on your boots!” Six (6) individually packed pouches of freshly ground coffee along with a silicone coffee dripper. Each pouch contains 1.75oz of coffee and a coffee filter – perfect for 24-30oz of coffee heaven. Once brewed, simply place the used filter and grounds back into the resealable pouch for disposal. This is a great way to start your day when you’re out camping, to refuel mid-day after a long morning hunt, or to unwind after dinner. You can brew directly into a mug or thermos.

Available in the following roasts: DropTine – Medium Roast and Double DropTine – Dark Roast.

Please allow an additional 2 business days to process your order to ensure maximum freshness. Coffee is roasted here in Goodrich, Michigan.

Photos show optional mug, not included but available below.


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Fuel canister shown in picture is not included, but can be purchased at your local sporting goods store or super market.

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Instructions for use:

The single-use coffee pouches come ready to use with an enclosed cone filter. Setup your silcone filter holder with the filter and pouch in the coffee grounds. Wet grounds with “just off the boil” water. After that drips out (about 30 seconds) continue pouring 24-30oz of boiling water. After dripping out, place the used filter into the resealable bag and dispose.

Leave no trace, pack it out!

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DropTine (Medium Roast), Double DropTine (Dark Roast)


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