EWO Micro Cam



Introducing our custom designed cam cleat made specifically for one-sticking. These are lighter, smaller, and stronger than anything on the market. These also work well on sets of sticks due to their short height, allowing sticks to nest together.


Please make sure to only install these with the fixed cam on the bottom of the cleat.

Right to left option still unavailable.

You will want to just snugly tighten them, no need to really over tighten it.

*Do not remove the rubber band holding the cleat together until you have it on your stick and have bolts in place to keep it from coming undone as the cleat is 2 pieces.

For these to work with sets of sticks, we will include shorter bolts and a jig for installation so there are no protruding bolts/nuts on the backside for flush stacking.

More info to come!

Includes two (2)  #10-32 x 2” or 1” button head, black zinc socket screws with black zinc lock nut and washer.

NOTE: Please be tethered in at all time while using this product on a climbing stick, or at least have a lineman’s rope attached. And remember, do not flip this cam cleat upside down. It will not work safely

Frequently Bought Together

One-Stick Rope

7.5ft finished length, 3/16" full bury Amsteel rope for use with the Harken 150 or Schaefer Marine Medium cam cleat. Will also work with a Muddy Pro cam cleat. Rope has a tight eye designed to slide over a 1" tube. Can also be girth hitched if used with a Hawk Helium or OOAL Shikar stick. Finished with a stopper knot and shrink tube.

Listing is for the Amsteel rope only - shown attached to a climbing stick which is NOT included :)



Minimum line 6mm
Maximum line 8mm
Weight Rating: 300 lbs
Height: 3/4”
Length: 2.68”
Width: 7/8”
Weight: TBD
Fastener Spacing: 38mm | 1 1/2 in

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Left-to-right, Right-to-left


One-Stick, Stacking Sticks


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