JC Knaider / Swaider


The JC Knaider and Swaider as featured on SaddleHunter.com and YouTube. JCLINE84 has been swamped taking orders for these aiders and selling them on consignment here will make it easier for everyone involved. Now JCLINE84 can simply focus on sewing and shipping batches to be shipped out here. Better pictures will be posted soon.

Sold as a set or individually. These are still made by JCLINE84 just with upgraded sliders and aluminum G-hooks. Also including an elastic cord and non-climbing rated D-shaped carabiner for attaching to your belt/saddle so you don’t drop it. For the Swaider, you may need a climbing rated carabiner for certain uses (like this from Grivel, or this from Cypher). 

NOTE: Advanced climbing technique – not for amateurs. Please follow all safe climbing rules and stay connected to the tree AT ALL TIMES with a lineman belt or tether.

Backorders may take up to a week to fulfill and ship. We are trying to establish stock quantities and until then there might be times these are on backorder.



Adjustable aiders to assist in climbing higher when using climbing sticks or other climbing methods. This is considered an advanced climbing method and is not endorsed as the safest method for climbing. You must be connected to the tree at all times while using this product and maintain multiple points of contact always. Videos on this climbing method will be linked below. Now includes upgraded sliders, aluminum G-hooks, as well as an elastic cord and non-climbing rated carabiner for the Swaider to attach to your belt/saddle so it doesn’t fall.

Size: TBD
Color: Coyote brown strap

Made in the USA by JCLINE84 from SaddleHunter.com and sold on consignment here. These are now made in batches so they are ready to sell and not made to order.

Original SaddleHunter.com link with more information about these knaiders and swaiders: Knaiders and Swaiders

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Knaider/Swaider Set, Knaider Only, Swaider Only


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