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Kong carabiner – Argon F Wire Gate. Super lightweight non-locking carabiner.

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Argon is a carabiner dedicated to people who seek extreme lightness and the slightest dimensions. Designed for better rope glide, to ensure good positioning of belay devices and shape adapted for easy tying and untying of a clove hitch. Wider rope contact surfaces for reduced wear on the carabiner. The D shape transfers the majority of the load onto the spine, the carabiner strongest axis. The asymmetric shape, furthermore, is ideal for connecting belay or rappel devices or for use at the end of a lanyard. The reduced weight of the wire gate makes it less prone to “gate flutter” (a very dangerous condition created by irregular impact forces generated by the climbing rope or contact with hard surfaces in a fall which momentarily opens the gate).

Key features:
Low-profile for reduced bulk
Wire gate lighter compared to solid ones and less prone to icing up.
Hi quality product, completely made in Italy!

Load Capacity: 21kN/8kN/7kN on major/minor axis and open gate
Weight: 31g

Made in Italy. For full product details see Kong Italy

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