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When Eastern Woods Outdoors went looking for a minimalist backpack to accommodate the ever-growing legion of one-stickers, it knew immediately where to turn. Designed and created by the man responsible for teaching thousands of hunters across the country the concept, Greg Staggs brings his 33 years of mobile, run-and-gun mentality to a package that is EXACTLY what the one-sticker needs.

With over two full seasons of testing behind it, it’s the only pack made BY a one-sticker FOR one-stickers. How about a dedicated pocket that holds 40’ of Canyon Elite so you don’t have to stuff it in a dump pouch on your side? How about an opposing pocket to hold your knee pads, Madrock and carabiner? Unstrap your stick that’s securely nestled between the two pockets and you’re ready to go up a tree without ever having accessed the main compartment of the bag.

Love one-sticking but also like a little more room to maneuver on at hunting height? The main compartment will accommodate smaller platforms like Cruzr’s Mini-Seekr, Tethrd’s Predator (original aluminum), and both of Arsenal’s new RZR platforms (regular and magnum). Simply pull the platform out, affix it beside your climbing stick and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Don’t one-stick? You’ll still fall in love with this pack. It’ll haul three sticks so easily you’ll never know they’re there. It’s also a great pack for taking trail cameras in, with dedicated easy-retrieval pockets for SD cards inside. Strap on a stick or two to the outside so you can get your cameras above eyesight to help prevent theft and to keep from alerting that big, wary buck close to his bedding area.

Like carrying in bulkier top coats or jackets but don’t want to sweat up wearing them in? We’ve thought of that too, as there are extremely secure lashing straps at the bottom of the pack. Wear the pack up on your back and put your final layer on after you’re at hunting height!

Hate the noise of zippers in the quiet stillness of the woods? So do we – and there’s a reason it’s named the StealthPack. You’ll not find one single zipper on this pack and the fabric is quieter than a church mouse. Added bonus: it’s coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellency), allowing water to bead up and roll off it if you get caught in the weather.

The Staggs StealthPack. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

See video below on how Greg set’s up his StealthPack!

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