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NOTICE: Due to supply issues with Oplux, we are recommending a rope from Teufelberger called Resc Tech. This rope is almost indistinguishable from Oplux and when you first see it, you won’t notice the difference. Resc Tech has a minimum breaking strength of 6,525 compared to 5,440 for Oplux. Besides that, the ropes are almost identical and both are 8mm. Teufelberger Resc Tech

Oplux/Resc Tech is also available in an 8′ rope with a 5″ sewn eye on one end. Click here.

Sterling OpLux 8.0mm Tactical and Special Operations Rope – used by saddle hunters for tethers, lineman ropes, and rappel rope. Sold by the foot, enter quantity as the number of feet that you want and it will come in one continuous length. Since this rope is 8mm, we recommend the Kong Duck instead of the Ropeman for an ascender. For a prusik, use the Beal Jammy (available in 35cm/50cm/60cm) or Sterling 6mm TRC.

NOTE: Please account for approximately 3′ for your figure 8 on a bight and stopper knots. So for a finished 8′ tether, we recommend ordering 11′.

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8.0 mm Tactical and Special Operations Rope
Core/Sheath: Spectra/Technora

High-strength, cut-resistant Spectra fibers in the core combined with a unique blended Technora sheath give the OpLux unmatched power in the most compact package.
Color: Technora/Black

Technical Specifications:
Diameter (mm): 8.0
MBS Rating (kN): 24.3
Weight (lb/100′): 2.8
Elongation at 300 lb (%): 3.3
MBS Rating (lb): 5,440

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × .5 in




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