Teufelberger Resc Tech 8mm

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Lightweight and durable high-tech rope for tactical operations and rescue – used by saddle hunters for tethers, lineman ropes, and SRT/rappel rope. Sold by the foot, enter quantity as the number of feet that you want and it will come in one continuous length. Since this rope is 8mm, we recommend the Kong Duck instead of the Ropeman for an ascender. For a prusik, use the Beal Jammy (available in 35cm/50cm/60cm) or Sterling 6mm TRC.

NOTE: Please account for approximately 3′ for your figure 8 on a bight and stopper knots. So for a finished 8′ tether, we recommend ordering 11′.

New option – add a continuous loop of dynaGLIDE to the end to make it easier to use as a pull-up rope for your weapon or backpack. Choice of Orange or Green. Click here to add.

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8.0 mm Tactical Operations Rope
Braide: 32
Core/Sheath: UHMWPE / Polypropylene
Cover: Technora / Polyester

Designed to be a lightweight and durable rescue rope, the RescTech aids tactical operations in rough, wet terrain. Thanks to its UHMWPE/Polypropylene blended core, the rope does not take in water. The Technora® in the sheath offers high abrasion and heat resistance. This rope allows for operations to be quick without compromising strength and ensuring safety in even the most challenging situations.


  • Lightweight rescue rope
  • Highly durable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Perfect for rough terrain

Technical Specifications:
Diameter: 8.0mm | 5/16″
MBS Rating (kN): 29
MBS Rating (lb): 6,525
Weight (g/m): 41
Weight (lb/100′): 2.80

Made in Europe

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × .5 in


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