Versa Hanger (Climbing Stick Hanger)



Versa Hanger – stick hanger from Genesis 3D Printing. This version works with the following buttons:

  • EWO AlumiButton (sold here)
  • Out on a Limb SHIKAR stick button
  • Lone Wolf versa button
  • Beast Gear button

These are made by @Aksisu11 from – also from Michigan!
For more information and other great products, see Genesis 3D Printing.

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From Genesis 3D Printing:

Here it is guys the ultimate stick hanging system! These designs are solid. If you’re like me and still haven’t found a great way to carry your sticks up the tree with you when you climb, then look no further.

How these work is you just slide your sticks versa button into the versa hanger. When you pull down on your stick to seat it in the hanger it wedges your stick into it. This causes the stick to be secure and not come out, until you tell it to. Use them with your saddle or hang them on your belt either way will work. These also work great as a gear hanger too!

I offer 3 styles of Versa Hangers. One style works with the API and Hawk Sticks, another works with just the LWCG Sticks, and the third one works with SHIKAR, Lone Wolf, DanO’s Alumibutton, and Beast Sticks. Hopefully this helps you if you need to order enough for multiple sticks, so you don’t have to order more than you need to.

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