Havalon Piranta Blades



Havalon Piranta #60A Stainless Steel Blades (12)

At 20% thicker and 30% stronger than our #60XT blade, we’ve improved our cutting edge sharpness with the #60A blade. Whether you’re skinning, quartering or field dressing, the #60A is able to withstand heavy use and resist breakage, and is the ideal choice for any serious hunter looking for both strength and precision.

● Stainless Steel
● 2 3/4″ length
● Box of one dozen
● Fits all Piranta-style knives
● Individually foil wrapped

Piranta Blade Combo Pack

Havalon Gut Hook Blades, the first ever Quik-Change replaceable gut hooks. Havalon Gut Hook blades easily snap on to any Havalon Piranta handle in seconds. Gut animals in record time with the first hook blades that are Havalon sharp.Blade Length – 2.65”

Havalon Piranta Saw Blades are the first saw blades created for the Piranta line of knives. The saw blades are perfect for small jobs around camp. The Piranta Saw blades were created for the new Havalon Evolve Multi-tool, but will easily snap on to any Piranta handle. Blade length 2 7/8”

Pack Includes
● 2 Gut Hook Blades
● 2 Piranta Saw Blades
● 2 Blade Holders

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Weight 3 oz

#60 Stainless, Gut Hook & Saw Combo




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