Predator Tether/Lineman Bare Rope 8′



8′ of Samson Predator 11.4mm rope with 5″ sewn eye on one end. Includes stopper knot. This rope can be used as your tether or your lineman rope. You just need to pair it up with a prusik or eye-to-eye or a Ropeman 1 / Kong Duck and some carabiners (available under hardware).

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8′ Samson Predator 11.4mm with 5″ sewn eye

Camouflaged double-braid climbing line at 11.4mm from Samson. This is an excellent climbing line that will work with your favorite hitch cords and climbing hardware, but allows you to keep a low profile in the tree. Perfect for rec climbs, hunting, canopy research, and any other climbing where high visibility of the line is not desirable.

Technical Specifications:
11.4mm (7/16″)
6,000 lb ABS
3% elongation at 10% ABS
10oz at 8′

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in


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