1/8″ Amsteel Full Bury

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8′ full bury rope mods made here in Michigan. These are perfect for climbing sticks, platforms, stands, or anything with a versa button and cam cleat. These weigh under one ounce and are rated to 500 lbs working load. They come with a small bungee for easy storage and travel. Available with different sized loops for various versa button sizes (1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75″).


Button Size Reference Chart:

  • 1″ – Shikar, LWCG (round)
  • 1.25″ – AlumiButton (EWO), Beast Stick, Predator platform, MTW Brush Buster, Ridge Runner, Scout Solo
  • 1.5″ – Hawk Helium, API, XOP, LWCG (oval)
  • 1.75″ – Lone Wolf


Additional information

Weight 6 oz

1 review for 1/8″ Amsteel Full Bury

  1. john1960515 (verified owner)

    Great attachment ropes! I have used these for two seasons now on different climbing sticks and they have held up extremely well and easy to use…even with cold hands or gloves on. They hold climbing sticks rock solid once seated property. Much lighter and quieter than the standard strap and buckles. This size of rope locks real nice behind the stick buttons. I have not had one slip…period. I liked the first set I ordered so much, that I ordered a second set to keep in case I needed or wanted them. I have no desire to try any attachment method with a smaller diameter than this size it works so nicely. Extra weight capacity and safer than anything smaller, and they weigh virtually nothing. What else could you want? Thanks!

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