9mm Canyon Elite

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Teufelberger Canyon Elite is the high-end rope for extreme canyoneering tours. It features a dry treated nylon core with a cover of polyester blended with revolutionary materials Technora® .

Canyoneering presents one of the most extreme conditions that a rope can be put through. Ropes that do not absorb water are a lot easier to handle and last longer. To strive for this level of performance, Teufelberger offers the higher end Canyon Elite. The Technora® fiber adds an extreme level of abrasion resistance and therefore makes the rope perfect for the most demanding canyoneering. With Canyon Elite there is no limit to your canyoneering experience!

We have found that Canyon Elite feels like Oplux/Resc Tech but is 9mm to be in spec with the MadRock Safeguard and other rappelling devices. It is not as stiff as Canyon C-IV.

New option – add a continuous loop of dynaGLIDE to the end to make it easier to use as a pull-up rope for your weapon or backpack. Choice of Orange or Green. Click here to add.

NEW COLOR – Canyon “Camo” Elite doesn’t have any orange, blue, or red as these have been replaced with olive drab, brown, and black. The Technora fibers are natural in color.

Sold by the foot, enter quantity as the number of feet that you want and it will come in one continuous length. If you want multiple lengths, order as one total length and put in order comments/notes that you want it cut.


9 mm Cord
Technora-Polyester sheath / Polyamide core
Static kernmantle rope, 32 braid

Technical Specifications:
Diameter (mm): 9
MBS Rating (lb): 6,770
Elongation: 2.5%
Weight: 4.4 lbs/100, 65.5 g/m

Made in USA.

Additional information

Weight .7 oz

Orange, Camo

3 reviews for 9mm Canyon Elite

  1. Luke Streeter

    First off I want to say EWO has awesome customer service! I asked them a LOT of questions and they where always happy to help.
    I haven’t tested the rope out much but it is very flexible. 41ft weighs 1lb 15oz per my kitchen scale.

  2. Josh Lamas (verified owner)

    The best customer service I have felt with from everyone at EWO. I have talked to them multiple times and never have they hesitated to answer my questions. The rope is exactly what I had hoped for and I can’t wait to get into the tree with it.

  3. ryandc (verified owner)

    Love this rope. I’m not a saddle hunter (I do hunt, but saddle hunting isn’t quite my bag); this was purchased for canyoning/mountaineering. I’d bought a few spool-ends for shorter rappels off eBay from this same manufacturer, and was very impressed with the performance.

    This line can be somewhat heavy compared to others, but it is very, very, supple (great for use in cold and wet weather). Very static, and the technora provides abrasion resistance.

    I bought 330 feet of this line as a rush order for use in a couple southwest canyons. I’m pleased to report it succeeded spectacularly in Engelstead, among others. Eastern Woods Outdoors handled the order quickly and professionally; I’ve no complaints there.

    Would buy from this company again, and would buy this rope again, though I imagine this should last me a while.

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