Ultimate Tree Tether / Lineman’s Rope Kit (8mm)


Fully assembled kit for your saddle tree tether or lineman’s rope. Comes complete with an 8′ Resc Tech 8mm rope with 5″ sewn eye on one end along with a 22″ 6mm eye-to-eye tied in a Schwabisch hitch. Also includes a MadRock Super Tech carabiner and prusik tender for easy one-handed operation. Works equally well as a tether or lineman’s rope.

Resc Tech Tether/Lineman 8' Sewn Eye Rope

8' of Teufelberger Resc Tech 8mm rope with 5" sewn eye on one end. Includes stopper knot  (8' length takes this into account). This rope can be used as your tether or your lineman rope. You just need to pair it up with a prusik or a Kong Duck and some carabiners (available under hardware).

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6mm Eye-to-Eye Sling

Made from 6mm PROBE aramid/technora rope, this prusik design lends itself to more uses than a standard prusik loop. It may be used with a standard prusik, asymmetric prusik, Bachman, Valdotain Tresse, Distel, or Klemheist hitches.

Works great with 8mm Resc Tech or 8mm Oplux.

Length: 22"
Strength (end-to-end): 2,270 lbf (10 kN)
Strength (basket): 4,555 lbf (20 kN)

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Mad Rock Super Tech Screw Carabiner

Mad Rock Super Tech Screw carabiner. Affordable carabiner with twist lock mechanism.

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Prusik Tender

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