Resc Tech Rappel 40′ with Sewn Eye Rope



40′ of Teufelberger Resc Tech 8mm rope with tight sewn eye on one end. Works great as a rappelling rope and the eye is just big enough for a carabiner or quick link.

New option – add a continuous loop of dynaGLIDE to the end to make it easier to use as a pull-up rope for your weapon or backpack. Choice of Orange or Green.

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40′ Teufelberge Resc Tech 8mm with tight sewn eye

Thanks to its UHMWPE/Polypropylene blended core, the rope does not take in water. The Technora® in the sheath offers high abrasion and heat resistance.
Color: Technora/Black

Technical Specifications:
Diameter (mm): 8.0
MBS Rating (kN): 29
Weight (lb/100′): 2.8
MBS Rating (lb): 6,525
Total Weight: 20oz

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Weight 20 oz


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