Canyon Camo Elite Rappel 40′ with Sewn Eye Rope

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Otherwise known as Canyon  Elite, this is 40′ of Teufelberger Canyon Camo Elite 9mm rope with tight sewn eye on one end. We offer this sewn eye version of canyon elite for anyone who is uncomfortable tying their rappel rope to the quick link. With this rope, you can slide the quick link right into it and not have to worry about tying anything. Works great as a rappelling rope and the eye is just big enough for a carabiner or quick link. We recommend to use needle nose pliers to open up the sewn eye before installing quick link

New option – add a continuous loop of dynaGLIDE to the end to make it easier to use as a pull-up rope for your weapon or backpack. Choice of Orange or Green.

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40′ Teufelberger Canyon Camo Elite 9mm with tight sewn eye

Technora-Polyester sheath / Polyamide core. Static kernmantle rope, 32 braid.
Color: Camo (tan, olive drab, brown)

Technical Specifications:
Diameter (mm): 9
MBS Rating (lb): 6,770
Elongation: 2.5%
Total Weight: 31oz

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Weight 33 oz


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