Sterling C-IV Canyon Rope



PLEASE DO NOT BUY MORE THAN 40′ of CIV GREEN per order as those are the lengths we have left available.

ORANGE you can order what you would like

Sterling C-IV 9.0mm Canyon Rope – works great for SRT and rappel rope as well as for your tether/lineman ropes. Sold by the foot, enter quantity as the number of feet that you want and it will come in one continuous length. Since this rope is 9mm, we recommend the Kong Duck instead of the Ropeman for an ascender. For a prusik, use the Beal Jammy (available in 35cm/50cm/60cm), Beal 5.5mm Cordellette, or Sterling 6mm TRC. This rope is in spec for the MadRock Safeguard which can be used for rappelling down after your hunt.

New option – add a continuous loop of dynaGLIDE to the end to make it easier to use as a pull-up rope for your weapon or backpack. Choice of Orange or Green. Click here to add.


9.0 mm Canyon Rope
Core/Sheath: Polypropylene/Technora®

Designed specifically for wet canyoneering conditions. A Technora® sheath and a braided polypropylene core give the C-IV superior resistance to abrasion and water absorption, while retaining desirable low-stretch characteristics.
Color: Natural with Neon Green/Orange & Black tracers

Technical Specifications:
Diameter (mm): 9.0
MBS Rating (kN): 20.7
Weight (g/m): 46.9
Elongation at 300 lb (%): 2.0
MBS Rating (lb): 4,663

Additional information

Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × .5 in
Stripe Color

Green, Orange




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