The U.P. – Ultimate Platform



Introducing our newest product – The U.P., or The Ultimate Platform. This is a top-of-the-stick platform that pairs extremely well with our Ultimate One-Stick or with our Ultralight FeatherSticks. This platform shares the same bolt pattern as the Scout from OOAL so they can be interchanged. It can also be added to just about any 1″ climbing stick like those available from Lone Wolf, Muddy, XOP, API and Beast. This platform has an integrated standoff which eliminates any possibility of wobble. It also features a wider front profile (13.5″) so you can spread your feet out more and not be as crammed. The front 2.5″ is angled down approximately 30 degrees which makes a very comfortable edge to lean your feet on. Since the top portion of the platform goes all the way to the tree, it gives you almost 6″ of depth to stand up and stretch or to maneuver for a shot. The angled wing and angled back edge allow you to get both feet on the side of the platform as you work your way around the tree.

More pictures and videos to come! Picture shows pre-production model, production version will be cleaner with a few slight changes. Backorders are taking up to two weeks, but often only a couple days.

Note: We also offer the Monarch from OOAL and it also fits 1″ tubes.

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