One-Stick Rappel Kit

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Just what you need to compliment your Ultimate One Stick! Has everything you need to get started in a preset kit of the most commonly ordered items. Kit includes:

If this kit doesn’t fit your needs, we have other rappel kits or you can piece together your own from items on this site. Search the site for Rappelling.

NOTE: Beal Birdie functions smoothly as a rappel device, but if you plan to climb or hang from it we recommend the use of a tied prusik to back it up. The Birdie is similar to the Lifeguard or GriGri+, so it is possible for it to slide down your rope when unweighted. But when rappelling, there is no difference between it and the Madrock Safeguard.

NOTE: Picture shows Delta quick link – due to stock availability these will be shipping with the Kong Oval stainless quick link.

9mm Canyon Elite × 40

MAXIM® Canyon Elite is the high-end rope for extreme canyoneering tours. It features a dry treated nylon core with a cover of polyester blended with revolutionary materials Technora®

Beal Birdie

Compact belay device with assisted braking for lead climbing or top rope. All metal construction with cam and friction components in stainless steel for great durability. The rope exits following the device’s axis to avoid twisting. The BIRDIE can be used with all dynamic single ropes from 8.5mm to 11mm.

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Quick Link - Oval

Quick link for use in 1-sticking and SRT for a girth hitch. Allows you to quickly attach your rope instead of feeding your whole line through your girth hitch. Better than a carabiner as there’s no worry about cross-loading. 8mm | 5/16" gate opening.

Kong Stainless

dynaGLIDE Throwline (1.8mm) × 40

dynaGLIDE is a hollow braid throwline of pure Dyneema®. This throwline from TEUFELBERGER is coated and has a strong signaling effect due to its neon colors. The orange or green of the throwline provides for good visibility in the trees. Its coating ensures very little elongation and better gliding characteristics on bark. Works great as a retrieval line for your rappel rope. Sold by the foot.

Mad Rock Super Tech Screw Carabiner

Mad Rock Super Tech Screw carabiner. Affordable carabiner with twist lock mechanism.

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Additional information

9mm Canyon Elite

Weight .7 oz

Orange, Camo

Beal Birdie

Weight 10 oz

Quick Link - Oval

Weight 4 oz

Kong Stainless

dynaGLIDE Throwline (1.8mm)

Weight .01 oz

Neon Green, Neon Orange

Mad Rock Super Tech Screw Carabiner

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × .5 in

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  1. John E. Fleck Jr. (verified owner)

    I purchased this for saddle hunting. I received it in about a week. I got to test it out this last weekend with a hunting buddy, we did this for safety reasons. We both were excited in how easy it was to use and how safe we felt while using it. I sent him the link to purchase his kit and he ordered and is waiting for delivery. We both feel having this kit is about the safest way to get out of the tree, especially at night when you are cold wet and tired at the end of the hunt.

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