Swivel Carabiner Clip



Handy swivel carabiner for use with your DynaSpool on the end of your dynaGlide.

  • Wire-Gate with Safety Lock, Double Security– Unlike other carabiner clips, it comes with a safety lock that doubly ensures that the wire-gate will not open accidently.
  • Heavy Duty Carabiner – Each carabiner features minimum breaking strength at 3.5KN (equals to 786 lbs static force).
  • Swivel Eye Snap –This carabiner is designed with 360° rotating locking clasp to prevent twist of the ropes.
  • Durable, Lightweight & Strong – Durable material, made of high-quality aluminum 7075, only 17g each, rust-proof and anti-friction.
  • Not For Climbing or Life Support.

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UltimAider DynaSpool

Keep your Dynaglide tangle free with the DynaSpool. The DynaSpool is designed to hold 40’ of Dynaglide and fit perfectly inside the mesh pocked of the OSPack. The goal is to reduce or eliminate tangles and snags either while in your pack or being dropped out of the tree. The spool is 3D printed and is strong enough to withstand years worth of drops from hunting height.

We recommend using a swivel carabiner to help prevent Dynaglide from twisting.

*spool only*

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